Tips for Keeping Your Family Healthy This Winter

The longer the nights get throughout the winter, the more important it is to create a warm and cozy atmosphere and to comfort with fluffy socks and sweaters. However,  the risk of colds, flu, and viruses is about to increase this season, hence as a result, putting your family’s health and safety first becomes critical.  […]

Tips for Diabetes Wound Care

Proper wound care is more than just a routine for people with diabetes; it’s essential to maintaining overall wellness. Diabetes may interfere with blood flow and the body’s healing process, increasing the risk of complications from even small wounds. People with diabetes may experience slower healing of wounds, especially on the feet and legs, increasing […]

What Is Weight Management?

Weight management is maintaining a healthy weight. It does not mean losing weight to look like a fashion model. Instead, it is keeping your body weight within a range that will not jeopardize your present or future health.

What Is Blood Pressure?

Blood pressure is a measure of the pressure or force that your blood applies on the walls of your blood vessels as it moves through your body. A blood pressure reading has 2 numbers such as 120 over 80, which is typically normal blood pressure.