How does Blood Sugar Affect Your Body?

If a person has diabetes then their body doesn’t naturally make insulin or wouldn’t respond to it normally. A doctor would advise you to keep track of your blood sugar by doing a test at home with
a device called a blood glucose monitor.

How can you test your own blood sugar levels? 

This is done from the tip of a person’s finger and it takes a small sample of blood, it then measures the amount of glucose in it. Your doctor would tell you how and when to test your blood sugar. 

A normal person’s blood sugar level should usually be less than 140 mg/dL and a reading of more than 200mg/dL afterward would indicate that the person has diabetes. 

Doctors use varied tests to find out if a person has diabetes or not, 

  1. Oral Glucose Tolerance Test – Done after fasting for 8 hours and it’s higher than 126 mg/dL
  2. Fasting Plasma Glucose Test – After fasting for 8 hours, a special dietary drink is given then two hours later, if your sugar level is higher than 200.
  3. Random Check – Test your blood sugar level and if higher than 200 mg/dL plus frequently urinating, always thirsty then either of the above is done to test the diagnosis.

A person should make healthy changes to their lifestyle if their blood sugar levels are higher than normal. If this doesn’t happen then it can lead to health problems such as heart problems and many more conditions. 

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