Calgary Pharmacy Services

Every person likes to live a healthy life. Likewise, nobody likes to get sick frequently. Therefore when a person gets sick, he/she should take some medicines to bring some relief. A pharmacy is where we get the necessary medicines to cure our sickness. To get cures for your sickness, a person must visit a qualified doctor and the doctor will prescribe to get necessary medicines from the pharmacy.Wellness Pharmacy Pharmacy gives Wellness advice for fitness enthusiasts for people in Calgary. We provide an array of pharmacy services for Calgary citizens which includes vaccinations, prescribing and cessation programs. Explore more of the Calgary pharmacy services below.

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Calgary Pharmacy Services – Vaccinations, Flu Shots and
Travel Vaccinations

Vaccination services including
travel immunization provided on
site by certified pharmacists at Wellness
Pharmacy. Click here to book
an appointment or just walk in!

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Wellness Advice

We are here to support and help you live well! If you need some health advice or Medication Review and assessment of your prescription drugs or over the counter medications such as vitamins and supplements our professional pharmacists can help at Wellness Pharmacy.

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Prescribing Pharmacists

Our pharmacist may now write prescription for certain medications by saving you time and energy. Our pharmacist can also write a lab requisition for your blood work. Ask our pharmacist for more details.

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Renew or Transfer Prescription

If you run out of refills for your regular medications or you want to transfer your prescription* our pharmacists canhelp. Just talk to our pharmacist today and we will take care of the rest. *Not all prescriptions can be transferred by Law

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Prescription Refills

You can conveniently order your prescription refills by Phone, Text, Online, e-mail, Fax or in Person at Wellness Pharmacy.

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Compliance Packaging and

Do you find it hard to read your medication labels or hard to swallow certain pills? Our pharmacist can providecompliance packaging with larger prints and provide customized doses and formulas to match your unique needs.

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Smoking Cessation

Do you have the desire to quit smoking and be healthy, but different ways you tried not seems to work? Talk to our trained pharmacists today to help you quit smoking and lead a healthy long life.

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Other Services

We offer Diabetic supplies, On Site Strep throat test, Supports & Braces, Medication Organizer/ Blister Pack, confidential medication reviews and much more. Contact Us for more details.