Pick the Right Vitamins and Supplements For You!

Vitamins: How do they work and picking the correct one

Vitamins are an essential organic compound needed that the human body needs and can get from food since the body doesn’t produce it or produces very little.


There are currently 13 vitamins which are recognized and they can either be fat-soluble (Vitamins A, D, E, K) or water soluble vitamins (Vitamin C and all B vitamins)

  1. Fat- soluble vitamins – These vitamins can stay in the body for days and sometimes months. 
  2. Water- soluble vitamins – These vitamins do not stay in the body for long and cannot be stored. People need more of a regular supply of these vitamins. 


When it comes to picking the right vitamins or supplements for yourself, it can be overwhelming and tends to be more difficult with misleading or contradicting information.

It is important to know and carefully assess your diet, your lifestyle and any essential vitamins and nutrients you would need as well. Even certain fruits and vegetables also provide natural nutrients for your body too.

If you do have a major deficiency in any of the vitamins or minerals, it could lead to you having a serious health condition. Hence, knowing the correct vitamins you need for your body is a must.


Are Vitamin Supplements needed?

Many nutritionists recommend that having a balanced diet is better since it provides a variety of vitamins, minerals and some factors which cannot be found in supplements.

While having a balanced diet is key, if a person is still seeing signs of vitamin deficiency in some parts then supplements can help for that. Supplements are not replacements for food but rather, it should be taken in addition to a healthy diet which provides the appropriate vitamins and minerals. 

People should get the required nutrients by having a healthy diet with the right amount of vitamins and minerals. 

“A healthy outside starts from the inside.”

As the above says, your main aim should be to get vitamins from a varied diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables and if required prescription drugs or even vitamins and supplements.

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